Our Culture

Love the game
Always work to improve
Keep it cool and be supportive. At The Run you’re playing and competing with friends
Respect the person playing next to you. They’re on the same path

Self Reffing

Keep the game flowing and respect all calls made by the other team. Defense or offense can call fouls
In the case of any disputes, foul caller shoots for the ball
Zero tolerance for disrespect or complaints. Any excessive and unnecessary behaviour will result in strikes. 3 strikes = suspension

Game Rules

We cap each night at 18 players
Teams are created by order of arrival and by position, subs are placed by order of arrival
Teams must sub evenly among themselves

Game Rules

Payment must be cleared thru membership or drop in fee before game time
Games are scored straight to 12: by 2’s and 3’s
Dead ball situations are resumed from a check at the top of the 3