What is The Run?

Come by yourself, or bring a crew. Sign up for games and always Run 5v5 full court. We RUNnin all year round with individual players from all leagues, all around Calgary, and all skill levels coming thru. 2 hour games. 18 players, 3 teams, winner stays**. Weekly stats & highlights, and we take it to the next level with player profiles, monthly awards, social events, and much more. Play hard, have fun, no drama, and show what you can do out there. All for the love of the game. Hit "WHO GOT NEXT?” on the main menu to sign up for the next Run! Your first Run is FREE

The Run: Afterschool Programs - COMING SOON

1. Helping families by keeping kids on the right path during 3-6pm. - 2. Helping our future generations by building their skill, health and confidence through Basketball. - 3. Sharing our passion for Love & Basketball with the kids of our community

Player Awards

One of the ways we promote our culture is through our monthly Player Awards. They are based on our Core Values: Growth, Excellence, Leadership, (GEL) throughout the community.

Player Socials

We organize monthly Player Socials to help build stronger relationships within our community


The biggest change we see at The Run is in the people. It's all about Love & Basketball, and how each of us represents that as individuals.