What is The Run

The Run is essentially two things: 1. YYC’s only Community Drop-in Basketball League, where we take stats, highlights and give monthly awards, & 2. A Culture of Love & Basketball, where we’re always playing and competing with friends. It’s Drop-In basketball like you’ve never seen. Fun, drama free, full court 5 on 5 every week. Go to "WHO GOT NEXT” on the main menu to sign up for the next Run! Your first Run is FREE

Stats & Highlights

We take full stats & highlights for every game to help players improve their game. For our Run Members we take it to e next level by tracking career averages and Player Spotlights

Monthly Player Awards

One of the ways we promote our culture throughout our community is through our monthly Player Awards. They are based on our Core Values: leadership, excellence and growth.

Player Socials

We organize monthly Player Socials to help build stronger relationships within our community


The biggest change we see at The Run is in the people. It's all about Love & Basketball, and how each of us represents that as individuals.