About Us

What is The RUN

We are Calgary’s only drop in Basketball league that organizes weekly full court 5-on-5 drop-in basketball games for players of all skill levels around the city.

Why The RUN

Provide consistent and competitive full court 5-on-5 drop in basketball games every Tuesday & Saturday

Track stats & highlights for every player, posting every week

Growing community of positive & supportive like minded players

Player awards including monthly, seasonal awards

Social Events and Team Builders

Great Deals with local business around Calgary

Did we mention the First Run is FREE!

The RUN’s Vision

Through our passion for basketball, we are a devoted basketball community in Calgary supporting growth and positive environment which is TheRUN. Everyone associated with TheRUN has a strong sense of pride and is very passionate about creating and nurturing this mindset.


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TheRUN – Calgary’s only Drop in Basketball League


  1. Ansel Youn
    January 26, 2019

    I am interested in coming out for your games. What time do you guys play? Depending on time, I have few other buddies that might be interested as well.



    • Jason Guimpaya
      March 9, 2019

      Hey Ansel,

      Sorry for the late reply. Working out a lot of kinks in the website. Awesome have u out.

      Our days are:
      – Men’s League on Tuesdays from 7-9 & Sundays from 4-6
      – Coed League on Wednesdays from 6:30-8:30

  2. wade c.
    April 5, 2019

    i’ve been looking into the run for a while and i’m definitely planning to join up and get a full membership (just gotta get my bad 19 year old knee prepared haha). i just have a few questions; i’m curious as to if you only take payment in person because i mainly use PayPal so it would be neat to be able to use that and pay the full membership (i can pay in person either way but just out of curiosity). secondly, should i bring both a black and white jersey/shirt when coming to a game? i figured it’s probably safer to bring both if there aren’t set teams. and lastly, should i email ahead of time before dropping in?

    thank you! sorry for all the questions
    wade c.

    • Jason Guimpaya
      April 15, 2019

      Hey Wade!

      Awesome!! It’ll be awesome to have u Run with us.

      Etransfer tends to be the easiest. We’ve taken PayPal before. But it’s a bit of a pain. We also take cash as well.

      Yup we require players to bring black and white jerseys. We also carry a couple extras just in case.

      U can book a spot 2 days before game days in the events tab on our site. First Run is always free for u to try it out tho.

      Lemme know if u have any more questions and I’ll be happy to answer them.


      Jason Guimpaya
      The Run YYC

  3. wade c
    April 8, 2019

    i just tried to post a comment a bit ago and im not sure if it posted or not because dont see it. i didn’t have an account when i posted it, hopefully it doesn’t double post or anything. i just have a few questions because im planning to join in real soon

    i saw something under the memberships section on the site saying something about paying prior to game-time, and i was wondering if it’s possible to pay with PayPal or a card prior to dropping in. secondly, should i email first before dropping in for my first time? i dont wanna mess up any teams or anything like that. and lastly should i just bring both a black and white jersey to be safe

    thank you! looking forward to running with y’all

    • Jason Guimpaya
      April 15, 2019


      Sorry, we just had to approve it on our end. I think I got a bunch of your questions answered.

      Also, do you have whatsapp? We have a group chat on there where we post stats and highlights, as well as talk ball.

      It seems to be the easiest way to get a hold of everyone.


      Jason Guimpaya
      The Run YYC

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